Friday, July 01, 2005

Reality Wake-Up Call for Vancouverites

Yesterday a ferry boat crashed at one of the two docks that link Greater Vancouver with Vancouver Island. In the aftermath of the accident I listened intently to what people were saying and then decided to chime in my own 2 cents. The following editorial of mine was read on CKNW 980 AM radio:

Today's ferry crash was a vivid, albeit mild, wake-up call for Vancouverites. Listening to some in our midst you'd think that ferries should never crash, planes should never fall from the sky, children should never be hurt on a playground, electricity should always be on, Cel phones should always work, and god forbid, a large earthquake should never dare hit Vancouver and disrupt their all too busy lives.

Well, sometimes bad and unexpected things do happen. Nobody wants them to but this doesn't stop them from happening nonetheless!

All in all, I think things were handled extremely well today. Nobody, as far as we know was hurt. And throughout it all, BC Ferries seemed to concern itself with safety first and getting things back on schedule second. The unionized workers and management of BC Ferries should be commended and thanked.

There will always be complainers but if those same people had been in charge, what miraculous things would they have done differently?

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