Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm not a very consumer-oriented guy. In other words, I don't feel the need to constantly buy lots of stuff! But one thing I did buy a long time ago and treasure immensely is my cappuccino maker. It's actually the 2nd one I've owned. The first was a gift, a De Longhi unit that I recall was about $100. It lasted only a month or so. I then went out and bought a good quality unit from Starbucks, which was more in the $300 range ... and that was back in the mid-90's!
It has lasted a long while and provided me with the great pleasure of sipping delicious cappuccinos every morning. I realize that sounds trivial but once you've had one, it's difficult going back to regular coffee.
There's just something overwhelmingly exquisite to the palate to have that hot, foamy milk hit your mouth first, followed by a burst of strong-flavoured coffee. Coffee is one of my few addictions and so I like each cup to be a great one!
This machine may be on its last legs though. I think the pump is wearing out and the rubber sealer rings definitely need replacing. But with labour costs so high, it may be cheaper for me to buy a new one than to get this one repaired. We'll see.

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Orchid said...

Good coffee can really hit the spot. At the office, I always drink only top notch coffee - thanks to my boss (hey, my office is right next to hers) and she has a fancy machine like yours. "We" drink only good quality expresso-Boncafe, but the machine is rather old, so the froth making part is out of order.
Enjoy your coffee!