Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Magnet I Am

I'm a magnet. I've long been in denial about it, but yesterday provided yet more incontrovertible proof that I'm a magnet. For what, you ask? For tourists seeking directions and advice! Yesterday I had 3 different sets of visitors come up to me. Today I've been pondering why this is, what signals I'm giving off that makes people ignore others and seek out me. So I've come up with a Top 5 list of what I think are the most likely reasons:

  • Unlike most other Vancouverites, I don't walk around studying the sidewalk, so tourists must think I know something.
  • My out-of-control hair these days reminds people of Kramer, especially in that one Seinfeld episode where he took tourists around NYC on a bus.
  • The "I Love Tourists" T-shirt, written in 17 languages, that my mom insists I always wear when I'm outside.
  • Singing opera, as I do, whenever walking the streets of Vancouver, gives people a feeling of familiarity and calm.
  • The "#1 Tour Guide" flyers with my photo that my buddies plastered on telephone poles all over the city on my 40th Birthday must have had a lasting effect!

1 comment:

skye said...

Definitely the "I love Tourists" T-shirt is the clincher!