Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sunny Vancouver

My friend, Ahmed, visiting from Seattle, joined me to see the tall ships visiting Vancouver. It was gloriously sunny here today, which really showed off the beautiful ships very well. In the fenced off area, where it costs $20+ to enter, we didn't see a whole lot of people. But my mom, who was volunteering there yesterday, said it was extremely busy at times.
We came across these two pretty women at Kitsilano Beach and I took this photo of them. Some young guy decided to make an issue of this. It is never my intention to take an inappropriate photo of anyone and I trust I didn't offend these women with the one you see here.
I captured this photo of the Canadian flag, which was set at half-mast out of respect to those poor victims who died in London. But when I got home and turned on the David Berner show I learned that MP Chuck Cadman had finally lost his long battle to cancer this morning. Mr. Cadman was one of those rare politicians who got into it out of a strong conviction to improve society and he stayed true and honourable to the very end. We lost a great man today.

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