Thursday, July 21, 2005

Socialists Keep On Chipping Away At Common Sense

Some members of the Pofessional Association of Teachers in the UK have proposed that the word "fail" be removed from the school vocabulary and replaced with the term "deferred success". Here's the full story.

This is no surprise to me. It's but another attempt by roving Socialist MTs to shape the world in their own narrow, unrealistic viewpoint.

Here are some of the things that these people believe:
- We all have equal intelligence
- We're all equally motivated
- We all have equal creativity
- We all should be able to do the same jobs
- We should all get the same pay
- No one is really ever guilty of anything
- No one is really ever responsible for anything

If this doesn't make you want to vomit then you really need to search your past and find out when you were brainwashed.

I often wonder if such folks have just spent too much time at the beach, soaking up too many sunrays into their brains (think dehydrated fruit), eating slightly 'off' clams that produced a permanent hallucinogenic effect, and found their spirtual nirvana singing Kumbayah around the fire.

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