Friday, July 15, 2005

Inspiring, Timely Movie

Yesterday I went to see Crash, a movie I knew nothing about. What an incredible surprise! The film shows a series of intertwined stories in the very multi-cultural community of Los Angeles. The story is well written, displaying common everyday events that each of us could easily imagine ourselves in given the right (or wrong) circumstances). The characters fall into very defined, but believable roles depending on their race and economic status.
The first half of the movie is quite depressing but then some inspiration comes forth, showing how good consequences sometimes come out of bad events. But the most important underlying theme throughout the entire film is that we all have prejudices but really must try not to prejudge someone because of the way they look.
Crash is a powerful film, especially powerful given the current realities in the U.S. and Canada.


Anonymous said...

Pelalusa not having any meaning for a guy who supposedly values meaning in words,events... sounds a little strange don't you think. Sorry if this sound pre-judging-ice.

N. Korea.

Anonymous said...

I saw Crash as well a while back and thought much the same. I think it's sad how the same ethnic groups who struggle with stereotyping such as the african americans, the hispanics, etc... have to let there frustrations out on whoever is the most recent immigrants to the country (like aren't we all) that arrives to North America. I guess it's human nature perhaps to look down on a group to artificially make oneself or one particular group feel superior. I guess movies like Crash at least create a little dialogue to act as reminders of how human are. The question is if we don't do anything to improve our situation what purpose do such reminders serve. Lastly we're all racists to varying degrees - how many people actually accept and from there move on?

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