Saturday, July 16, 2005

Small Minded Vancouver

There are some truly great cities in this world, three of them being New York, Chicago, and Singapore, but there are many others. All of these places have something in common: Each city had great, far-sighted leaders who had a grand vision of what they wanted their city to become.

I live in a city where the exact opposite of this kind of leadership now rules the roost. And sadly, it seems that a great many citizens are of the same ilk and will undoubtedly vote for these small minded twits forever and a day.

The latest chapter in my city's grand march into absolute stupidity involves two city councilors insisting that a "Gender Lens Consultant" be hired for $90,000 per year to examine how women are affected by every single issue that comes before city council. Let me get this straight: There are people recovering from a devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia, others in London recovering from a horrendous terrorist attack, and yet the primary concern of some on my city council is whether 50% of the population in Vancouver in 2005 are suffering from rampant prejudice?!?

Oh yes, I can tell that we have our priorities in order! Keep in mind that this is happening while Vancouver is facing a growing crisis with drug addicts, property crime, and a downtown core that is quickly resembling a permanent garbage dump.

When it comes to these Permanent Victim Syndrome (PVS) types I've progressed from being dismissive to mildly annoyed to now being deeply angry. Do you ever wonder if the Roman Empire started its decline into oblivion by losing sight of the important issues facing it?!

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