Thursday, July 07, 2005

The London Bombings

I can't stop wondering today if my fellow Canadians were as insulted as I was by the incredible rhetoric espoused by Paul Martin, Anne McLellan, and other Trudeaupian officialdom after the bombings? Hearing phrases like "Canada will offer the British whatever they require", "Canada's infrastructure is safe & secure", and "We're prepared, should anything happen over here" is so incredibly far from any semblance of truth. I'd love to see Tony Blair call Martin's bluff and ask him to send 10,000 soldiers over to help with security while the evildoers are sought out. And the idea that we're even remotely prepared to thwart such an attack on any of our transportation systems is an absolute joke.

So our glorious leaders have now done their duty by mouthing their lies. Now they'll go back to doing what they do best: Absolutely nothing! The terrorist groups in Canada will continue fund-raising. Many Canadians will undoubtedly start blaming Britain for the root cause of the attack. And most everyone in this country will retreat back into the mass denial that Canada could ever be target of such an event.

I often wonder if what's happening today is very similar to what happened in the dying days of the Roman Empire.

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