Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Warman Chronicles

Richard Warman, past employee of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and serial litigant under human rights legislation in our country, has launched new lawsuits against 5 Canadian bloggers. Not only does he want them forever silenced, he also wants them to pay him money for alleged harm their words have caused him.

You can read more about this here and here and here.

Whatever your political stripe, if you are Canadian and don't find this extremely scary then you & I are living on different planets. Each one of these defendants, with the possible exception of Jonathan Kay at the National Post, will have to use their own money to defend themselves. And the cost to Warman? Absolutely nothing. I will be watching developments on this file with extreme attention.

Richard Warman has been described by Mark Steyn as "the most sensitive man in Canada". You can read more about Warman here.


nachtwache said...

Some people just have that look, you know? Certain type of people?
I better watch what I say, lest I'll get sued.
Solch ein bloeder Typ.

PelaLusa said...

Yes, you better start posting in other languages!

Mark Steyn sums up the situation very well:

Warman is now embarking on the "nuclear option" - all or nothing. Clearly he thinks he's on a righteous crusade. I beg to differ.

nachtwache said...

So do I! Somebody better put the brakes on this madness. What he's doing to people is harassment! It should be illegal.

nachtwache said...

I just googled David Icke, to see what he wrote about. Honestly, that stuff sounds nuts. I don't agree with white supremacists either, but I guess they should have the right to say whatever crazy stuff they say.
Crazy, I tell you!

PelaLusa said...

I deeply disagree with the views of many of the people who have been charged in the past. BUT as we're now seeing, curtailing the speech of some is a very slippery slope.

We now have Warman charging 5 moderate bloggers. Next he'll be coming after you & me. For the good of our country, he MUST be stopped in his tracks.