Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Idea for the Simpsons

I couldn't stop laughing, reading this story about how Homer Simpson has outraged the country of Argentina. I hear there's now talk about banning The Simpsons there!

This gave me an idea, which I'm offering free of charge to the producers of the show for a future episode:

Homer and family, wanting to stay clear of South America because of threats against him, instead decides to go to Vancouver, BC for a vacation.

Unbeknownst to him, the Argentinian government, tracking his every move, has sent a team of assassins, disguised as tango dancers, to Vancouver to silence Homer for good.

In a parallel thread, Homer keeps running into Mark Steyn (dressed in the orange outdoorsman's outfit he had on during much of the New Hampshire primary) who is in town to defend himself against the BC Human Rights Commission.

Steyn has problems of own, evading Ottawa lawyer, Richard Warman, disguised as a schoolgirl named Lucy and his cohorts on the Canadian Human Rights Commission; might as well dress them all up as the Village People!

While our two politically incorrect protagonists, Simpson & Steyn, are being chased around Metro Vancouver, they'll inadvertently keep hiding out in homes that turn out to be one of the reported 25,000 drug grow-ops that thrive in the community. Homer's daughter, Lisa, will ask the following question to BC's top cop, Wally Oppal: "Why is everyone going after my dad and Mr. Steyn, when you have real criminals on the loose here?"

This might be too "inside" (reference-wise) for some, but I think more than a few people would "get it".


Hillary said...

Did you actually hear last week that Venezuela banned the Simpsons? They said it was a bad influence on kids.

So they're replacing it with Baywatch reruns instead.

PelaLusa said...

Oh my, oh my, the irony of that is delightful!

On another site I posted a link to the story. I'm being chastised for not being sensitive to the Argentinian people. Give me a break!

I had long thought that free speech was a God given right that everyone in a democracy respected. Now I realize that sooooooooooooooooo many people don't want free speech if they don't agree with it ... even mildly.