Sunday, April 20, 2008

A New Direction for Yours Truly

From this point forward in time, I'm going to change much of my energy to a brand new blog I've just created. It's much more technical in nature and directly reflects my intention to stop focusing so much of my time on politics and current events.

Quite frankly, I've grown quite cynical about much of anything positive occurring from my regular rants, or those of anyone else for that matter. It just seems that the vast majority of society doesn't care about issues of importance or critical thinking at all. This seems especially true in Vancouver finding one's next high appears paramount in the minds of many. :-(

Perhaps I just need a break from it all for awhile.

I won't stop entirely though! :-) And rest assured that I will keep on posting photos and videos here on a regular basis, which always brings me great joy and satisfaction!

1 comment:

nachtwache said...

I think you're right that most people don't care, actually, they don't care to be informed. It amazes me how ignorant people are of many things and how many will form opinions based on wrong information.
Sometimes change is good.
I like to post jokes or other funny things every so often, because all doom and gloom is too depressing.
People start caring when it affects them in a personal way.
Remember to laugh, it's essential for our health.