Monday, April 21, 2008

A Walk Downtown

I was invited to a 21 year mini-reunion of some of my engineering classmates. On the walk down, I took these photos:

There's something "fake" about this photo. If you can't figure it out, look at the corporate insignias on the two prominent buildings!

Lovely lady, lovely car...

After dinner, I captured these photos down at Canada Place.


nachtwache said...

You took the photo of the buildings showing in your mirror.
It's a beautiful city. Lets hope it'll warm up soon, I froze my tush walking home this morning.

PelaLusa said...

Close! I did the same with PaintShop Pro. I just thought the photo looked better, able to read "April is Daffodil month". I could have gotten more tricky and reverse the ScotiaBank and TD logos too.

Sorry about the poor quality when one clicks on the thumbnails. I'm still learning the ins & outs of the new version of the editing program I'm using.