Monday, April 14, 2008

Visit to White Rock

Saturday evening was a long one for me and two friends, D & R. It started with us driving out to White Rock, a distant suburb of Vancouver, to attend a rock & roll concert of a longtime friend of ours.
We were all starving though and just had to get something to eat before the event. So we got some takeout from a fish & chips place right down by the seaside. Here are some photos I captured while we were waiting for our food.

These photos provide a perfect opportunity for me to make a few comments about photography. If you want to insult a professional or semi-pro photographer then here's what you should do: When you observe a great photo they've taken, ask them what kind of camera was used and then say, "Oh, no wonder it's so good."

It's not quite the same but is similar to handing a non-musician a priceless violin and saying, "Play it. You're bound to sound good!"

Just wanted to get that off my chest! :-) Now, with that said, let me make a few comments about the photos above. No human eye captured anything like what my camera did that evening. Did I get the camera to digitally enhance the images? No. But I did go into manual mode and deliberately increased the shutter speed, such that the amount of light entering the camera lens was a lot less than "normal". Thus, the sun became much more prominent and gained an enhanced orange glow. I imagine that a bit later in the evening, sunset watchers would have seen the same thing but I just didn't have time to wait!


nachtwache said...

They're beautiful photos, I meant to comment on the previous photos you posted, taken while you were in Stanley Park, also great shots.
How did you like the fish and chips? One place there makes the best.

PelaLusa said...

I forget the name of the place we went to but it had a blue awning. The food was very good but the wait was excessive, especially considering the small number of people there.