Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Real Racists in London, England

I listened in disbelief to a caller named Jasmine who phoned into [Big] George Webley's radio programme on BBC London. Identifying herself as a woman of colour, she effectively went on to say that any white person who disagreed with her - about anything - was a racist. She knew "the truth" and if anyone disagreed with her then "of course" they must be a racist. She even called Big George a racist (when in fact he's the exact opposite!) and refused to apologize for her comment.

IMHO she exemplifies most of what is wrong with race relations in the UK today.

Governments throughout the Western World have bent over backwards in the past few decades to correct the errors of times past. And for the most part, I believe that most non-minority citizens have as well.

Sadly, there appears to be a certain percentage of minority citizens, especially in the UK it seems, who have a permanent chip on their shoulder and have found the easiest way to get what they want, whenever they want, is to just play the race card.

The fact is that winners of all races & religions realize that adversity and challenges are a part of life. When they encounter them, they don't raise a white flag and cry "poor me, I'm a victim". Instead, they learn and gain strength from such experiences and move forward, onto the next challenge.

Jasmine is not a winner, but a hateful ignoramus. She has let her mind become infected with PVS (Permanent Victim Syndrome). It now dictates every part of her life. She has set up psychological landmines all around her that instantly go off whenever anyone says or does anything that she does not agree with.

But the sad reality of our times is that no politician will ever dare tell her what she needs to hear to get beyond being a permanent victim. The fear of reprisals from the politically correct set is just too great. Instead, they will insist that the people who she comes in conflict with need "sensitivity training". In this way, her victim mentality is reinforced and the "offender" who [likely] did nothing wrong becomes convinced, and rightly so, that the establishment has gone mad.

With this dysfunctional pattern happening time after time after time again, it is absolutely no wonder why racial tensions in the UK are on the rise.

It's not limited to just there, of course. In the coming months, watch for the "Jasmine mentality" in the Barack Obama campaign in the United States. I'm deeply saddened by this, for I had thought he was a man of hope. Instead, he's turning out to be just another cookie-cutter politician who constantly emphasizes "us" and "them"; and then of course needs the government to come to the rescue. It's such a predictable soap opera. No wonder so many people detest politics and politicians.


nachtwache said...

Basically people get away with being jerks, I could use more fitting words, but they're not nice. People in authority just don't want the hassles, the bleeding hearts defend them, so they get away with it.
I love people that have enough integrity to say it as it is, the truth can be said in an inoffensive way, that no one can fault you, even if they don't like hearing it.

PelaLusa said...

I'd love to trace back when precisely political correctness crept into our society. Like all such liberal initiatives, it probably had noble beginnings. But it's too bad they didn't think ahead to what would happen when everyone & their dog would be crying "this offends", where "this" can be pretty much anything anyone wants it to be.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"But it's too bad they didn't think ahead to what would happen ..."

When I was a child long long ago, we were taught a little homily that went, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."
Even Alan Borovoy, who was instrumental in setting up canerduh's human rights commissariats has realized (too late) that the law of unintended consequences applies even to those with a heart full of goodwill to all.

PelaLusa said...

David, you make an excellent point. Originally the Human Rights Commissions were used by Jewish groups to shut down neo-Nazis. People thought, "Yes, they have a good point, those Nazis are bad."

In the short-term thinking they were right but little did they ever realize that people ever realize that honourable people like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn would be charged under the same laws.

My long term beliefs of keeping the gov't out of as much of our lives as possible is the only sane course of action.

But here on Canada's Left Coast I seem to be a nut for thinking such a thing!

nachtwache said...

There are a few of us nuts out here then, actually many people think the same way.
The problem is, when it's them or their children that have to face consequences or put up with something they don't like, most get defensive and whine, instead of dealing with it.
We have way too many rules imposed by the government. It's like the state is the nanny for everyone.

Thomasthetaxi said...

Being a London taxi driver, I once picked up a black male who got in and asked for Highgate, off we went. After only yards he said “I have no money but I will go to a friend’s house and if she is in I will borrow the fare. I skidded to a halt and told him I wasn’t going all the way from Chelsea to Highgate on a wing and a prayer. He refused to get out and asked to be taken to the nearest police station. When we arrived, he told a Police officer that I was a racist and I only wanted to evict him from the taxi because he was black. The officer said “sir if this gentleman was a racist he would not have stopped for you in the first place now get out”.

Pelalusa said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm honoured to have a London Cab Driver viewing my blog from across the pond.

I listen to BBC London Radio enough to know what a terrible state your society is in with regard to race relations. What has emerged from the Blair years is a deep sense of victimhood on the part of too many black citizens over there. Melanie Phillips illuminates the subject in greater detail here.

Might you know John the Cabbie (Kennedy) ? He frequently appears on Big George's show over there.