Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hilarious Letter from Afghanistan

A week ago Mark Steyn published this hilarious piece about my very own city of Vancouver. In it he described the incredible hypocrisy of Vancouver's city council to give hookah parlours an exemption to the sidewalk smoking ban. This decision is a perfect example of the multicult political correctness that is threatening to rip apart the fabric of our society.

A fellow in Afghanistan wrote Steyn this letter:

Re: Blowing smoke
Good Afternoon Mr. Steyn, I was amused by your article detailing the exception that Vancouver has made for smokers of protected cultures. A friend of mine asked if Vancouver would soon allow the firing of automatic weapons into the air during parades and on holidays. It only seems fair to "accommodate" this cultural expression, but given the liberal revulsion of firearms it would be difficult to square this circle.

Adam Lysene
Bagram, Afghanistan


nachtwache said...

I'm sure we tolerant Canadians could find a way to allow that, after all, there are no knifes allowed in school, even to butter a bun, but for religious reasons, as part of a dresscode, certain cultures are permitted deadly looking knifes. Smoking cigarettes wasn't part of Canadian culture? Smokers also claim it relieves stress. Ah yes, silly me, that's Canadian culture, not a "multicultural" culture. I guess it would be scary to have stressed out middle easterns walking our streets, some just might bring another part of their culture, the suicide bomber, to relieve said stress and let us know their unhappiness.
Was I being politically incorrect? But I'm one of the suppressed minorities, I'm a woman and I'm not Canadian by birth, but by immigration and naturalization.
How about same laws for everyone? Also, quit babysitting adults. They want to get sick and die because they smoke, that's their choice. Maybe politicians have too much time on their hands and not enough common sense.

PelaLusa said...

I love the political correctness, especially this early in the morning! YOU can sort of get away with speaking your mind because you have some, though not all of the necessary credentials to say & do what you want in our PCMC (politically correct multi-cultural) society. Too bad you don't have ALL of the credentials though!!! :-)