Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dennis Miller Radio Show

Many of my Canadian friends are often amused that I've been a regular listener to Dennis Miller's radio show ever since it started in March 2007. Simply put, I think it's the best talk radio show on this side of the Atlantic. It's funny, interesting, and often highly educational. Best of all, Dennis asks sincere questions of his guests and callers and is not trying to steer them down his view of the world like so many other hosts do. The more people who listen, the better chance his show has at longevity. In his own way, I do believe he's healing the split between the left and the right in America, something that all Canadians should consider a very important thing!

Yesterday's show was especially entertaining. I've put together some clips from it for you to get a sampling:

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nachtwache said...

Man, the computer is slow loading stuff, but I don't think it should take this long for a video to start, YouTube timed out, saying "can't find server" , but there's a comment, so someone got to see it. Is the problem with my computer?