Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Late May Visit to Vancouver

A friend of mine was in town from Victoria so I gave her a walking tour of Vancouver. Here are some photos from our little adventure:

She LOVED this little road rocket!

One of several ways to get back to Victoria.

The new Coal Harbour

Is it just me or does this reflection look a bit like Native Indian Art?

The construction of the Shangri-La, which will be Vancouver's tallest building.

At first glance, the reflection might appear to be that of the Hotel Vancouver on the left, but it actually isn't.

In the gold building you actually can see a reflection of the Hotel Vancouver.

This used to be Vancouver's main library for many decades.

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nachtwache said...

When I lived in east Vancouver, in 1978/79, I used to walk to the old main library, to get books in German, my English was pretty much nonexistent. We also spent lots of time at immigration, wading through all the paper work. The city has changed a lot since then.