Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rent-a-Crowd Alive & Well in Vancouver

My friend & I accidentally ran into this protest on our way to lunch. You see such folks from time to time, protesting everything under the sun. I applaud their commitment to protest something they're obviously committed to but I deeply question the voracity and depth of their logic. In past times I've tried getting in debates with some of them but it's pointless. For they seem to be against helping everyone on earth who is being oppressed by thugs and worse. When you ask them how such people should be helped, if it's not through military action, all you get back are empty platitudes like "Give peace a chance" and "Military force is never right". Better examples of naivety are difficult to find. Perhaps it's because my father's family grew up in Nazi Germany that I better understand the dangers of doing nothing in the face of tyrants.

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Richard said...

Well Said!