Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Indoor Volleyball is Over

After returning to Vancouver, I vowed to myself to get back in shape. I prefer participatory sports rather than activities like running & stretching. So I got back into volleyball last summer. One thing lead to another and by September I had assembled a team of 6 people to compete in an indoor league every Tuesday evening at UBC. There are 3 levels: Competitive, Intermediate, and Recreational. The only openings were at the Rec level. Some teams we were much better than, others not so much. But in the finals in December we were victorious!

This allowed us to move up to the Intermediate league. Looking at our competition we were all quite intimidated and just praying that we didn't come in last place amongst the 8 teams. Over the first few nights in January we were quite shaky as a team. But over time we got better & better. There were still some evenings where we sucked. This breeded negativity in some more so than in others. But in the overall picture we won more matches than we lost.

Last week the double-knockout finals commenced. We won two games and lost one. This was enough to enable us to compete for First Place last night. We won our first game ... by one point. In our 2nd game we were facing only 4 opponents vs. our 6. But they played well and took a large early lead. But over time we came together as a team and ended up beating them by 10 points. In the final we played our toughest competitor. At times we were ahead but to their credit they came back and definitively beat us.

But reflecting back, I think we should all take great pride in accomplishing what we did. The newbie "Rec team" coming in 2nd place ain't bad at all!

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