Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Few More Photos of Vancouver

I took a lot of photos today! Here are two of my favourites, one at the beginning of my journey, and one at the end.

This is a view I never grow tired of seeing. It's taken from the west side of Granville Street bridge, near the southern side. Depending on the type of light available, the photos from here range from great to spectacular!

This old apartment building, at the northwest corner of Granville & 12th Avenue, was built in 1912. Though much of Vancouver's history has been demolished, this one is still proudly standing. I love the contrast of the shapes and colours of the windows with the solid brick background.


Ahmed said...

Nice photo of the building. It was great to see you over the weekend.

Erin Airton said...

I love this building. Before I had kids and wanted a yard, I always coveted an apartment in that building.