Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gateway Transportation Project

This evening I attended a talk by BC's Transportation Minister, Kevin Falcon. I was greeted at the front door by 3 protesters, one of whom wanted to hand me some literature. When I politely refused he said, "Aren't you interested to find out more about it?"

I responded, "I already know a lot about the issue and happen to disagree with you." He gave me a dirty look and walked away. Folks like him are advocating that 100% of transportation dollars should be placed into public transit. I'm one who does not own a car - by choice - and disagrees with them.

I love being a zealot's worst nightmare!

In any case, Falcon's talk was excellent. He talked about the various components of the large project. It's clear that a lot of research has been done into the traffic patterns (trucks, car, public transportation, and cyclists) has been done by his Ministry. There were some very intelligent questions afterwards (hey, we're a bunch of engineers!) and it seemed clear that Falcon had really done his homework.

A very great evening indeed!

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