Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Corrupt & Incompetent Canadian Legal System

10 years ago Matt Brownlee killed Linda Lebretton-Holmes and her son, Brian, while driving drunk. But a ridiculously stupid, ignorant judge declared him not criminally responsible. How's that possible, you ask? He and his lawyer claimed that Brownlee was being telepathically controlled by Shania Twain through one of her songs.

It is getting close to April 1st but I assure you this is not some kind of sick April Fools Day joke. You can read more here.

And my foreign friends wonder why I get so frustrated with the powers at be here in Canada?!

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flythemig29 said...

My buddy "The Counselor" is from up yonder and went to Trent U. in Toronto. He emmigrated south quite a few years back. he said he just could not practice law in Canada for the very reasons you describe.