Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Know Any Helicopter Parents?

I heard the aforementioned term for the first time today. It describes those parents who constantly "hover" over their children, micromanaging most every aspect of their lives. And apparently in many cases, a helicoper parent will always defend their "little precious" son or daughter no matter what the circumstance and no matter who's at fault.

You'll never convince me that kids, growing up in such an environment, don't grow up and then view the world in a very warped way. In fact, this is probably the root cause of most of our problems these days, so let's outlaw the helicopter mamas and papas!!! :-)

Do you know any helicopter parents? Might YOU be one?!?


dgnyhk said...

Come to HK - here they hire maids so the child is constantly attended to. They even wipe the sweat off 'em.

Hillary said...

Hoo BOY... do I know any helicopter paretns? Well, I don't know the parents persoanlly, but I sure see the effects in the kids. It's not pretty!