Friday, November 02, 2007

Who Is Steve Winwood?

That RIDICULOUS question was asked of me today by someone who will remain anonymous! Steve Winwood is my favourite musician of all time and an absolute genius IMHO. Here are some videos that Fiona (ooops, I was going to keep her name anonymous) might recognize:

Quick notes:

  • The second song is my #1 favourite song. The first time I heard it was the very first time I drove on my own. My Dad helped me buy a 67 Buick (in 1980) and had a cheap Korean stereo installed in it. I heard "While You See A Chance" and absolutely loved it. I also heard "Morning Train" by Sheena Easton but it never stuck.
  • The third song, Gimme Some Lovin', Winwood wrote and released in 1966, when he was just 18 years old.


baz said...

HI, get onto winwoodfans@yahoogroups for loads of infoe from others like me. Also there is great news coming Nov 5th!!!

Baz 3333

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Yep, little Stevie Winwood is one talented guy. Although he's not anywhere close to my favorite musician/band, I also like "While you see a Chance" and "Gimme Some Lovin'" (there's also another song of his that I like better than those two, but I can't seem to recall it right now).

I didn't mind "Morning Train," but as far as Sheena Easton goes, I remember first hearing (and seeing) her in the opening to the Bond flick, "For Your Eyes Only," and that's still my favorite Sheena Easton song.

And I remember the famous '67 hand-painted buick. What ever happended to that car?


PelaLusa said...

That '67 Buick was actually ploughed into from behind by a Loomis Courier, and right in front of St. Paul's Hospital on Burrard no less! My dad and I were in the car, at a red light. A week later my dad actually joined Loomis - strange coincidence. Then about 6 months later Richard Miller and I were exploring around some junk yard on Annacis Island, looking for parts for his car and what do I see in front of me but my old car!!!

As for music, who could ever forget those Bangles, eh Mark?!? ;-)

Anonymous said...

The song I couldn't remember earlier is "Valerie." That's got to be my favorite Steve Winwood song.

And as for the Bangles, my 80's girl-group challenged friend, I believe the sentence you're looking for is, "who could ever forget those Go Go's." I have all of their hits in my iPod :-)