Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Failed Bread Recovery

I'm a big believer in not wasting food. So here's my first attempt to make something [sort of] edible out of my recent bread disaster:

Was it the most delicious dessert I've ever had? Nope. Did I get sick from it? Nope.


Walter Schultz said...

Ok, that's better. But that last photo should be banned from the internet!

Hillary said...

haha, I dunno, the original photo of the bread looks kinda like a monster! ;)

Well, the dessert at least LOOKS good. Though those balled up bits are kinda disturbing. Glad it didn't make you sick! hehehe!

nachtwache said...

I sort of wondered what those balled up bits tasted like, maybe they were the best part, the eggnog?
I don't like wasting food either and would have done something like that. Amazing how inventive one can get, when salvaging something, or having limited supplies.
Hubby bought garlic cheddar once, gross, but it was great in a casserole. Years ago I was making bread, by hand, and was a bit short on flour. Cream of wheat seemed like a good substitute, and it was, it turned out great!

PelaLusa said...

M, your cream of wheat story reminded me of another food disaster tale I've had. Years ago, when I lived in Sudbury, Ontario I was constantly bragging to some friends about what a terrific Curried Shrimp I made.

So one day I went to their home to prepare it. To thicken the sauce, I usually added cornstarch. They didn't have any but did have something called Cream of Tartar. I added this to the [milk based] sauce and then mixed it in with the shrimp & vegetables.

Little did I know that Cream of Tartar instantly made any dairy product go sour. We ended up washing each shrimp by hand but there was no curried shrimp to be had that day!