Monday, November 19, 2007

Letter to Vaughn Palmer

I just read Vaughn Palmer's column about the NDP new affirmative action policy. I couldn't resist sending him a little note about this man shown on the right, BC Federation of Labour president, Jim Sinclair:


I just read your article about the NDP's new affirmative action plan. I couldn't help but notice that Jim Sinclair was a strong promoter of it.

I firmly believe (as firmly as I can press my tongue against the inside of my cheek) that you should suggest to Mr. Sinclair, that as an older white male, he has 2 choices by year's end:

1. Resign from his current position because it is just patently unfair that someone with his genetic credentials is there.
2. Or get a sex-change operation, thus making him satisfactory to keep it.

On a more serious note, I've ALWAYS been against affirmative action programs. And it's not because I'm a white male, but rather that I'm against the folly of perpetuating the myth that everyone in our society is a victim ... except for white males that is. What a complete insult to the successful women, non-white, and gay people I know.


Walter Schultz said...

I agree; what a patronizing point of view by the NDP, to suggest that women aren't capable of succeeding in politics with out some sort of special accommodation.

The NDP have been captured by a cadre of special interest groups. The problem for us is if the NDP are ever reelected in BC, is to what lengths will they go to rectify the perceived historical wrongs perpetrated against these so called victim groups.

What a frightening thought!

PelaLusa said...

The next time I can get through to Bill Good's show on a Monday morning, I plan to ask Bill Tielman if he plans to have a sex-change operation in order to break the "scandalous" fact that is the 3 white males on that morning discussion segment.

On a more serious note, here's my prediction: There'll be a backlash to this stupid policy and it'll quietly be dropped after the NDP loses the next election and Carole James is booted out as leader.