Monday, December 04, 2006

Bet You've Never Heard Of This Before

I'm not surprised by much anymore but something I saw this afternoon definitely through me for a loop. I was walking along the street and saw a car with the following business name emblazoned on the door: "Superior Kosher Tofu".

I didn't know that tofu was a big thing amongst orthodox Jews but I guess it is. Thinking it might just be a joke I checked. It's isn't: Superior Tofu. The owner's name is Rita Cheng and she's had this business since 1982, thus making next year their 25th Anniversary.

Back in the 1970's there was a detective drama called The Rockford Files, featuring James Garner. Sometimes to get into places he'd make up some fake business cards in his car. I bet that any fellow with a "Superior Kosher Tofu" business card has a leg up with the lovely ladies in a bar!!! Pilot? Met 3 of them last week. International spy? That's passe. But superior kosher tofu salesman? How many of them do you meet in a lifetime?!? :-)

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