Saturday, December 02, 2006

PM Stephane Dion in 2007?

Here's something I just sent to Mark Steyn:

After the Canadian Liberal leadership campaign you wrote, "So it will be Stephen vs Stephane at the next Canadian election. Stephane Dion snuck from the back of the pack to play Monsieur Neither of the Above to Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae. M Dion will be the third consecutive Liberal leader from Quebec, and my sense is that voters are not in that much of a hurry to return the Dominion to rule by Canada's own Sunni minority."

Your comments are interesting but I think you've discounted a significant factor that I pleasantly call "The Absolute Stupidity of Canadian Voters" (or TASoCV for short). You like stats, so let's look at some. In the 2006 election, after an endless barrage of corruption stories and a horribly run campaign, the Liberals still ended up with 103 seats. More telling, their popular support only dropped from 36.7% to 30.2%.

For me the past year has been one in which I've once again felt proud to be a Canadian. Our prime minister has stood firmly behind our troops, defended Israel rather than a terrorist organization, told China that their human rights violations aren't acceptable, and dramatically reduced the volume of anti-American rhetoric. But the Canadian media has been solidly against him every step of the way.

So I fear I'm going to have to soon put my pride back up on the shelf again. For it won't take that much effort for the Liberal Propaganda Department (aka The Canadian Media) to convince the minds of many that the Liberals brief absence from power has been a "stern price to pay" and they're now ready to be returned to the reigns of power, lest "Scary Stephen Harper" does something irreversibly bad to the Fabled Land of Tru-dope-ia.

I even have a prediction: Celine Dion will be recruited by the Liberals to add her voice to the campaign commercials or maybe she'll even join Monsieur Stephane on the campaign trail. Goodness knows she'd have her own bus though!

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nachtwache said...

Sadly, I have to agree!