Friday, December 01, 2006

Cozy Propaganda

Friday morning I periodically tuned into CBC Radio 1 to get some news from the Liberal Leadership Convention in Montreal. What I heard though was not "news" but was more akin to pro-Liberal propaganda courtesy of our publicly funded national broadcaster. The host, Julie Van Dusen, was just fawning lovingly over every single Liberal she interviewed. There were NO tough questions. Instead, every element of the discussion was in the vain of "God's chosen party has been accidentally bumped out of office. What can we, the propaganda wing of the Liberal party, do to get you back to your rightful place ... and get rid of those horrible, bigoted, unprogressive Conservatives."

I'd long given up hoping for a modicum of evenhandedness when it comes to CBC but this was so extreme it actually became funny.

P.S. Mademoiselle Van Dusen even confessed that the "hospitality suites are killing me". She's actually admitting that she's letting the Liberals liquor her up. So incredibly professional!

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