Sunday, August 20, 2006

Steve Winwood: While You See A Chance

In recent weeks I have seen a growing number of links to YouTube. They all seemed to be goofy/funny videos, the kind that we all get e-mailed on a regular basis. But today I discovered that a number of music videos are also present on the site.

So I decided to post a link to this one, a 1980 release by Steve Winwood. This is one of two songs that I distinctly remember listening to on the first day I drove completely on my own, at the tender age of 16. I dropped off my dad at work and ventured out solo for the first time!

I've always loved this song ever since, consistently citing it as my favourite song of all time. In contrast, the video accompanying the song has got to be the bizzarest of all time!! So just close your eyes and enjoy the music. :-)


Anonymous said...

My family and I are having a bit of a dispute as to when this song would have been on the radio.

Like you, my father remembers hearing this song on a very important day in his life: the day his daughter was born.

The only problem is, which daughter? I was born in March of 1980 and my sister in June of 1982. Are you sure you heard this in 1980? If so, what month??

There is a father/daughter wedding dance riding on this, so please reply!


PelaLusa said...

Hmmm ... I don't remember precisely when but this link says the record came out in Jan 1981:

Typically a radio station will play the song prior to this so I'm thinking the fall of 1980 is when I first heard it.

Does that help?

P.S. Where in the world are you located?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that helps. Thank you. Apparently the single was released in the U.S. in 1980, but I am still not sure that my father could have heard this on the radio as early as March of that year.

I am in Los Angeles.

Best wishes.