Monday, August 07, 2006

Reuters, the new Propaganda Arm of Hezbollah

As the intelligent, thoughtful, well read person that you are, do you think you're immune from psychological manipulation? When you're watching, listening to, or reading the news, do you question the validity of the piece and contemplate the bias of the person presenting it? If not, perhaps you should start.

Reuters has just been caught red-handed publishing clearly doctored photos of various scenes in Lebanon. They were exposed by an astute reader of Little Green Footballs. Other phoney photos from Reuters are explained in depth here.

Mark Steyn has frequently said that journalism is not a profession, but rather just something that people fall into. This is further proof that much too often there's a lack of professionalism amongst so-called professional journalists.

Of course, the Hezbollah sympathizers will defend such actions as "just counteracting the Zionist controlled media". Once hate sets in, such emotions can easily be used to dismiss all reasonable logic and sense of fair play.

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