Sunday, August 06, 2006

Anti-Israel Protest in Montreal

I just learned that today in Montreal a large protest march will be happening. Members of the Federal Liberals, the Parti Québécois, the Bloc Québécois, the NDP, and many trade unions will be marching against Israel. Of course they will couch it in terms of a protest against violence but there's something more insidious at work. Over the past several years, have you ever seen these same groups marching against the countless rockets and suicide bombers launched againg Israel? Of course not.

Sadly, there's nothing surprising to me about today's protest. The Liberals are just playing the numbers - who they can get the most votes from. The NDP are absolutely despicable on this issue. In fact, I've never understood why there's such disdain from "peace loving" socialists toward Jews. Can someone explain this to me?! You do see this view everywhere. In the U.S. my Jewish Democrat friends must be feeling great internal turmoil over what's happening. On the one hand they can't stand Bush (their de facto position) but yet they know that if Israel were to follow the appeasement line, there'd soon be no Israel.

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Anonymous said...

being in Montreal seeing/hearing thse protests made me ill. And the quebec politicians who showed their support for this venom-spewing made me even more ill.