Thursday, August 10, 2006

Published on Mark Steyn's Site

A letter I wrote was just published:

I stayed up late here on Canada's Left Coast to listen to your back-to-back interviews on Radio Australia. Great stuff! Your "problem" is that you just make too much sense. At least here in Kanuckistan, it's clear that your views are shunned by most. Not all of us, though.

In the hi-tech industry where I work, there's an old saying: "To be early [with an idea or product] is to be wrong." I pray that you're not too early with the clear messages you keep repeating. Otherwise our children are destined to wake up one day, find themselves in a very unhospitable world and ask, "Why the hell didn't you see it all coming and actually DO something about it before it was too late?!"

Robert Werner
Vancouver, British Columbia

MARK REPLIES: That’s true in the columnar biz, too. It’s a reliable motto that you don’t want to be right too soon.

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Canadi-anna said...

Very cool!
Fortunately, like in WWII with Churchill, sometimes late is better than never.
Prevention is best sure, but then, how would we ever know how bad things could get unless they did some of the time?
Hopefully, we won't have to learn how bad things can get.