Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kristi's Thoughts on Vancouver & Victoria

I just got back from seeing off my Chicago friend, Kristi, at the airport. I turned on CKNW and talk-show host, Bill Good, said that the final segment of his show was "open phones". So I called in and gave him (and his tens of thousands of listeners) a summary of Kristi's views of our part of the world:

  1. "Your public transportation system is excellent but does each bus driver have to treat their vehicle like a Ferrari sports car?"
  2. "Might you West Coasters be able to survive with one less Starbucks?!"
  3. "You obviously live in a beautiful place but the amount of graffiti and homelessness is clearly out of control."


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a little surprised. I didn't recall Vancouver having much graffiti or homelessness. That said I'm glad the bus drivers drive fast. I'm glad Kristi had a good time. Wished I was there! - Patty from Orlando

Pat&ZoAnn said...

I thought the Starbucks comment was a little extreme.

dgnyhk said...

As one of the few cities in Canada where you won't die from exposure in winter, homeless are a fact of life in Vancouver. If you imagine them spread across Canada, their numbers seem a lot fewer.

I never understand why people get so upset about Starbucks. Many a time it's been a safe haven for me, especially overseas. I could understand if it were McD's or KFC..

Kristi said...

Look at all the trouble you are getting me into Robert!!!! I firmly stand behind my Starbucks comment (there's one corner with 2 Starbucks on it!!!!) but you are going to have to fess up to saying #1 and #3 ;-)

Kristi from Chicago

dgnyhk said...

I'm sure you said 100 nice things about Vancouver, but did any of those make it up? Je ne pense pas!