Friday, August 04, 2006

Anti-Semitism Is Alive & Well in Vancouver

This evening on CKNW, Michael Smythe interviewed a guest named Greg Felton. What a hateful moron! You can read more about him here. Felton is the new breed of Neo-Nazi who is full of great blusterous rhetoric, making all kinds of false statements. At least he had the guts to admit a fundamental part of his truth, namely that Israel doesn't have any right to exist.

Several of Felton's fans called up, one of them an older woman who said, "It's too bad that the Europeans didn't finish off the [Jewish] monsters in World War 2." Please keep in mind that she was referring to Jewish prisoners of the German Nazis such as these:

Being half-German, I'm keenly aware of what can happen when people only focus on their own little lives and stop speaking out about what is obviously wrong. Everyone wishes that Israel didn't have to defend itself in the way it has. But anyone who says that they're deliberately attacking innocent civilians is either a liar or a fool.

Perhaps decades from now, historians will write the truth about how Iran is at the root of the current conflict, as well as much of the violence in Iraq. And maybe there'll be a footnote that many in Canada chose to ignore these facts, because it flew in the face of their pre-disposed hatred for America and Israel.


Canadi-anna said...

Given that anger and venom still and inexplicably directed toward Jews and Israel, I believe that even if Israel is wiped off the map, it will be blamed for its own destruction.
Even now as the world has watched decades of virulent anti-Israel/anti-Jewis actions in the Middle East, the current crisis is still thought by many to be a 'recruiting tool' for terrorists. It seems evident that terrorists will use any action by Israel as an excuse to launch their attacks and as a justification for the strength of their 'cause' but the truth is that long after Israel, there will be everyone else. What excuse will they use then? Of course, our siding with Israel. It will never end. There will always be those who find a way to hate and destroy.
Very sad post.

PelaLusa said...

This morning on his weekly CKNW "Money Talks" show, Michael Campbell (brother of B.C.'s premier, though that's incidental) had a strong editorial against his fellow journalists covering the current conflict in Israel-Lebanon. He [rightly] scolded them for being puppets of the Hezbollah spin-masters. He also pointed out that Hebollah holds the passports of all journalists who enter "their" area. Do you think any journalist who tells a slightly different story would be allowed back in to report again?

Though Israel certainly has military superiority, they can't come close to the Hezbollah PR spin machine. In a sick way, those folks should win the Marketing Campaign of the Year award.

Greg Felton said...

It is most unfortunate that you heard me on Michael Smyth's show but did not listenn to what I had to say. Your knee-jerk dismissal of my comments is little more than standard pro-Israel boilerplate—not cognitive, and not specific.

Smyth was also so stupid that he couldn't ask an intelligent question. He was too busy shilling for the zionists who own the Province.

Fact of the matter is, not one word I said was "anti-Semitic" but for a Mark Steyn worshipper, I hardly expect you to understand that.

Suffice to say, I am pleased you tuned in. Next time, take the cotton out of your ears.

Greg Felton

PelaLusa said...

Mr. Felton,

I did hear EXACTLY what you said. The only thing that is unclear is whether you truly believe the things you espouse or you're just saying such outrageous, hateful things to garner publicity for your fledgling writing career.

As I've mentioned before, half of my ancestry comes from Germany. My grandfather was a soldier in Hitler's army, on the Russian Front. I've personally toured Auschwitz. While I feel no personal guilt about the Holocaust, it is very clear to me what can happen if people like you are allowed to spew your hate unchallenged.

There's a clear difference between you & me. I have both Jewish and Muslim friends. While I do support the right of Israel to defend itself, I do not want all Muslims to be destroyed or pushed out of the land they live on. The same cannot be said about you with respect to Israel and the Jews.

While I am open minded and truly hopeful about the possibility of a future peace, your hate-filled mind and keyboard will keep you singing the same note until the day you die. What a sad future you've destined for yourself.

Greg Felton said...

Like so many Zionists who fancy themselves fair-minded, you vilify me yet can find no specific error in what I said. You just don't like what I said.

Too bad.

I suggest you quit whinging about your German ancestry—nobody cares—and so some basic research.

I have effectively debunked three canons of zionist propaganda:

a) Israel is a democracy;
b) Israel fight's defensive wars; and
c) Israel has a right to exist.

Not one of these assertions is defensible.

Please read my essay at

and point out where my arguments on the Smyth show were incorrect.

I'd like to hear your answer.

By the way: my writing career is hardly fledgling. I've been a writer for more than 12 years and have the awards to prove it——just one more instance of you attacking me without bothering to do your homework.

Your credibility is seriously in question.


FaithfulServant said...

This Greg Felton is a persistent hack isn't he. All I've found on this idiot are articles published in extreme Islamic rag and neo-nazi rags like the National Vanguard. Seems like "Flip" Felton got his boot stuck in his mouth.

FaithfulServant said...

By the way, Felton's anti-semitic drivel isn't even worth commenting on. Jews came to the Middle East in peace throughout history since the Romans exiled them. In 1939 and again in 1947, Jews accepted whatever land was given to them by the British. In fact, in 1947 with the partition plan, Jews were willing to accept a non-contiguous country which was based on those areas where Jews formed a strong majority of the inhabitants (Felton's so-called Bantustans). The Arabs refused to accept even a morsel of land for the Jews and ended up invading Israel in order to exterminate the Jews and fortunately the Arabs lost which is why 1948 state of Israel ended up being contiguous.

Hacks like Felton can try as hard as they want in order to be "respectable" but obviously this semi-literate hate-monger earns a good buck from his anti-semitic drivel praising his hero Ahmadnijad and his radical Islamofacist allies in Hezbollah and Hamas (and likely Al Qaeda) that he persists in doing it and trying to cleanse the fact that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem idolized Hitler and tried to have him carry out the final solution in Israel as well. I wonder how much he gets paid by the National Vanguard and Zundel site for his "journalism". Greg Felton is a big fat loser!!!

Greg Felton said...

Ah yes, the screech of the zionist shill——irritating, pointless and dishonest.

1) The fact that National Vanguard picks up a column of mine is irrelevant. I do not write for them.

2) You understanding of history is pitiful.

a) Invading Eurojews had no right to even a square miliemetre of Palestine, and the UN had no right to take land from one people (Arabs) and give it to another (Eurojews). This would violate the UN Charter.

b) No Arab has ever tried to "exterminate" Jews. I defy you to prove otherwise.

c) Explain why invading Jews dipossessed 300,000 Arabsa between Nov. 29, 1947 and May 15, 1948. This fact alone should expose foul effluvium as utterly indefensible.

d) Instead of spewing your pitiful, feeble, predictable insults and being an apologist for Jewish Nazism, here's something for you to consider:

Imagine you were a Palestinian and saw wave after wave of zionist Eurojews stealing your land forcing you into exile and killing Arabs indiscriminately——What would your attitude to the zionist state be?

Anonymous said...

Killing Arabs indiscriminately? Who are you kidding? State some examples... and don't site yourself as a sourse. And don't site a handful of isolated events either making them out to appear as the norm.

When I first heard about you I thought: Ok, here is a guy who interprets history differently than me. Being an advocate of free speach I was not happy to hear that some would call for your VPL event to be cancelled. Discussion and debate is good.

However, now that I have actually read some of your material I see you as nothing more than a common anti-Semite. This is Canada and I defend your right to be a racist a-hole. But shame on VPL for using a public funded institution to you a stage.

Gerald said...

How about the 900,000 Jews displaced from Arab countries, including my family? Where would be an acceptable place for us to relocate to? And why should we have to relocate to begin with? Can the peace loving Arab countries not accomodate a handful of Jews in their lands?