Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fireworks Night #4 - Mexico + Grand Finale

Last night I finally got down to the center of the action in English Bay to watch the fireworks. It was Mexico's turn, and their first time at the annual Vancouver fireworks show. Arriving just after 7pm, it was 3 hours before the show, but the beach was already quite packed. A quick stroll down Denman revealed thousands upon thousands of pedestrians had taken over the streets as well. Why some people still continue to try driving in such conditions is beyond my comprehension!

These young ladies were from HSBC, the main corporate sponsor. They were taking a picture, which one could download from their website later. After learning that they had a grand total of 10 minutes of training in how to take photos, I took one of them instead!

The police and rescue patrols were out in force. After it got dark no one was allowed to enter the water. This didn't seem to stop countless teenagers around us, many of whom were clearly drunk. A few men used the ocean as their personal toilet. Nothing quite so charming as doing one's business with 10,000 people watching from behind. I'm sure everyone watching thought, "I want to hire that guy!"

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