Friday, January 13, 2006

What's Wrong With Liberalism

I'm catching up on my reading these days and just came across this superb article by George Jonas.

Canada is often held up by many academics as "progressive" and "forward thinking". Perhaps on some issues but Jonas makes the case of how we've gone so far awry, especially when it comes to the world. Early on he says, "There's an overall tendency in Western thought that has come to regard taking no position on anything a great achievement. But detachment, taken in itself, is hardly a virtue."

Then later he adds, "... the peculiarly Canadian illusion that moral leadership in the world requires strict neutrality between good and evil. I call it Canadian, because today no country exemplifies this tendency more than Canada. We've raised fence-sitting to the level of an Olympic sport. Soon we'll hand out medals not for achievement, valour or values, but for being sufficiently risk-averse, non-judgmental, and value-free."

This is a brilliant article that every Canadian should read and think strongly about!

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