Saturday, January 21, 2006

Selfish Young Woman Leaves One Of Santa's Elves Stranded!

Back on Christmas Eve, my friend, Ahmed, came up from Seattle to help me deliver computers to needy families around Vancouver. Today, Ahmed was back and went up to Cypress Mountain to do some snowboarding. On his last run of the day he heard someone scream, "Watch Out!" He turned around right when a young woman smashed into him from behind.

This resulted in him breaking his right elbow. She was perfectly fine. She did stop to apologize and First Aid was immediately summoned. He was up there on his own so he asked the woman who had hit him if her & her friend would drive him to the hospital. She agreed.

So they walked together to the edge of the parking lot. She went off to get her friend and then . . . and then they never came back! Vancouverites have long had a reputation for being selfish but this sure tops the charts!

Dear Young Lady, I hope you have a pleasant year, knowing that you broke the elbow of one of Santa's elves and then had the audacity to leave him stranded. Even if your friend had been the selfish one, what you clearly should have done is gotten out of the car and helped the person who you injured get to the hospital even if it required a bus or a taxi. But they probably didn't teach you that in the cave you so clearly grew up in, did they?!?


flythemig29 said...

This is why middle aged skiers (I am one) call snow boarders "knuckle draggers". It is a very unfortunate thing that there is so much rudeness and lack of caring on the slopes these days. I myself have witnessed a lot of bad behavior from boarders in Utah, Colorado, and California. Skiers behave badly too but not near as many as the percentage of boarders.

I am sorry about your friend. I hope that this woman is a abberation of Canadian genteelness.

dgnyhk said...

The thing that shocks me about this incident is that the woman didn't take responsibility for her actions. In my mind, that act of abdication is by far more shocking than her self-interest.

We all have moments where we'd rather just take care of our own interests, but the fact that she'd caused injury to another person and neglected to do what she could to rectify it says a lot about her personal standard of behaviour. She sounds like yet another one of these "yeah, but what can you do for me" Canadians.

PelaLusa said...

And with our recent election results, it's clear that wayyyyy too many Canadians want to continue in exactly the same no values, no responsibility direction. I thus remain a man without a country that I can believe in, let alone be proud of. :-(