Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canadians Are Slow Learners

Here are the final results from yesterday's election:

124 - Conservatives
103 - Liberals
51 - Bloc Quebecois
29 - NDP
1 - Independent

Of the 103 seats the Liberals won, 54 came from Ontario. Which begs the question: What on earth is run with the drinking water in Ontario? I would have been perfectly content if the Conservatives had received a minority with the bulk of the seats made up of NDP'ers. But so many Liberals getting elected . . . when will Canadians learn?

My prediction: We'll be back to another election before the year is out, with some "shining" new Liberal leader. And then the same old, same old will be back in place: Corruption, lack of productivity, hypocrisy, and lack of vision. It's so predictable and so pathetic. :-(

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