Monday, January 16, 2006

A Global TV Gaff!

My friends and I were watching '24' Episode 3 this evening and with 10 minutes left to go ... it suddenly ended!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! They messed up and then started playing Episode 4. We couldn't believe it! They covered this up by adding tons of commercials ... which were so completely annoying.

Another thing I'm suspicious of is that Canadian TV stations often override the U.S. signal and cut a few seconds here & there out. So I'm curious of what else we missed!

P.S. Were there enough exclamation marks in this posting?!?


BC Fanboy said...

This was insanely annoying. I saw a posting in the usenet group wpg.general from someone who emailed global in Winnipeg, and got the explanation that it was a technical glitch and nothing intentional. What crap! Obviously they had the chance to sell a bunch of extra advertising (about half the ads they sandwiched in were election ads) and decided to shaft the viewers. What is more annoying is that CRTC requires co-broadcasting the Global signal so even though we could have watched this o.k. on FOX, we aren't allowed to. (Jack Bauer would know what to do with the CRTC.)

PelaLusa said...

Here's one solution:

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice in Episode 3 that Jack is re-flashing his phone and the phone is taking a long time to re-boot but meanwhile he continues to talk on the phone with Chloe about how long its taking to reboot. Now where can I get a phone that I can keep talking on even when its off! Love the show, was surprised to see they left in an obvious thing like this.