Sunday, January 22, 2006

Upcoming TV Segment

Saturday was another great day for BC Digital Divide. Eleven new families throughout the Lower Mainland received computers. My morning started out with a new volunteer, Su, picking me up. We drove to the home of our tech, Bruce. Soon after, Corey Baird, from Shaw TV came by to interview us. The segment will air this Wednesday, January 25th on Channel 4 throughout Vancouver.

Su & I then headed out to a home in South Vancouver, where we met two very grateful people, Lisa & Gerry. We then headed down to the home of another one of our volunteer techs, a young fellow named Ho. He provided us with two Macs he had refurbished and I gave him two more PCs to work on. Then we met Tony, a really nice man who lives in Northeast Vancouver to whom we provided one of the Macs from Ho. After that we headed to Burnaby to deliver an older laptop to Lisa and her delightful little boys. Our last stop was in North Vancouver where we dropped off a PC to Sarah and her family.

Su then drove me back to Bruce's where we met Ian, the driver for the afternoon shift. We loaded up three more PCs and headed out to the southern suburbs. Like Su, I had not met Ian before and also like Su, he turned out to be an extremely interesting person. Our first stop was in Delta, at the home of Patricia and her boys. Then we continued on to Jen and her kids, who had been referred to us by their "cool aunt", Cindy. The final stop was in Coquitlam, where we met Shellie and Justin. What a terrific pair of people they were ... and Shellie gave us some delicious cookies as well!!!

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flythemig29 said...

This is awesome stuff. I went to a seminar once where the Mission Statemen was "Make a Difference". You are doing that. Keep it up!