Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will Elizabeth May Promise To Apologize & Resign If . . .

This afternoon CKNW's Sean Leslie interviewed the leader of Canada's Green Party, Elizabeth May.  You can listen to it here beginning at 33:30.  During her Hate-Canada / Hate-America diatribe she:

  1. Put the "needs" of the United Nations heads & tails above those of Canada & Canadians.
  2. Refused to once criticize China or India for their pollution.
  3. Stated that if CO2 production (which directly equates to economic activity) doesn't start dropping by 2015 then we will trigger the cataclysmic destruction of The Earth.
  4. Equated Global Warming skepticism to an unwillingness to combat Fascism in the 1930's & 40's.
  5. Uttered the same old Al Gore talking point: "The science around climate change is not debatable."
  6. Stated a lie that every year the world delays in doing what she demands will cost the world economy $500 Billion per year.
  7. Claimed that the greenhouse gases we emit today has a lifespan of 100 years.
  8. Unequivocally stated that "the Canadian government was the worst one in the room".  Note: The governments of Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Venezuela were there, among other dictatorships.
  9. Wants a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 (from 1990 levels).  Note: This would absolutely devastate the Canadian economy, throwing countless people out of work.
  10. Claimed that if we don't follow what she has demanded then the sea level will rise by 9 metres, which will really hurt coastal cities such as Vancouver & Victoria.
What a pack of lies & half-truths!  So much of what she said can not be tested for many decades but the last point surely can.  So I have a simple question for Ms. May: If the level of the Pacific Ocean does not progressively rise each year, as you have unequivocally stated it will, then will you admit you're a liar, apologize to all Canadians, and resign in disgrace?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking one for the team. How else would we know what she is saying?
Since we now know that this is the day that the sea level will stop rising, could she just leave now ?

Sounder said...

There's just no shortage of twits.

oxygentax said...

You forget Robert - she doesn't think Chavez, Mugabe or any of the other dictators are evil or bad. These are the poor, underdeveloped countries of the world that are wanting to force Canada and the rest of the developed world to pay penance for improving themselves.

Pelalusa said...

I concur with what you're saying. In fact, in a previous post I posted her Rah-Rah-Rah comments for Chavez. But in this one I wanted to accurately quote what she said in this interview.

She truly is an appalling, deceitful Canadian.

Tim said...

"She truly is an appalling, deceitful American."

Just thought I would fix that for you.

A true Canadian would never bash Canada as she does.

Pelalusa said...

Tim, yes born in the U.S. but has citizenship now. I know a lot of people born in other countries who have become Canadians. I view them as much a Canadian as I am.

Also, we've all seen many Canadians who would bash their country of birth just as badly. David Suzuki comes to mind.

Tim said...

Pelalusa, you seem to have missed my point. It matters not what country you were born. A "true" Canadian would never say the things that May does in regards to this country. All those who now find themselves "embarased" to be Canadian, are welcome to immigrate to the country of their choice. Perhaps they would be happier living under Chavez, Mugabe, Mao Ze Dong or Ahmadinejad...

Pelalusa said...

Point taken, you're right.

I just don't want to ever be one of those people who says, "If you don't agree with me, then you're not Canadian."

Though I think there are some basic things that we should all agree are Canadian values:
- Telling the truth
- Wanting the best for our fellow citizens
- Working hard to better our nation for all

In all of these cases, Lizzie May fails horribly. I realize that her & her supporters purport to striving for all of the above but in point of fact they're not.

Soccermom said...

What a repugnant, ridiculous hag this woman is. Her oft-stated claim that the Greens are fiscally conservative is laughable, mainly because of this AGW nonsense.

I can't think of any politician who pisses me off more than she does. the sad thing is that as soon as a Liberal gov't gets back in power, she will be given a senate seat. You can bank on it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you managed to listen to an entire interview with this castordentian baba yaga of Canadian politics. It was all I could do just to read your summary.

We should set up a watch rotation, though, just so you don't burn out.

-felis corpulentis

Pelalusa said...

LOL! Your idea immediately made me think of this famous Monty Python episode.