Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copenhagen's Dieing Days/Daze

Here are some very interesting dispatches from the Copenhagen conference:

And here is a database of the leaked Climategate documents.  I started scanning this page therein and very much at random opened up Mann uncertainty.doc.

As was pointed out by Roger L. Simon on the Pajamas Media website, 11 AP reporters were assigned to fact check Sarah Palin's book.  Just 5 were assigned to fact check the Climategate documents.  That difference in numbers alone speaks volumes about media bias but here's a question related to their competence: What scientific background did these reporters have? 

I VERY MUCH DOUBT that virtually any AP reporter would be able to make heads or tails of what's contained in the document I referred to above.  And I'll bet you a box of Tim Hortons donuts that Elizabeth May wouldn't either.  Yet we were told by all of these folks that there was nothing wrong or improper with the documents.  How would they know???

I would LOVE to see Lord Monckton or Tim Ball, on live TV, pull out one of the scientific documents at random and get the "climate change expert" to explain even a tiny bit of the science or math within.  What a spectacle that would be!

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Anonymous said...

Can the reporters' competency to review be any less than the authors' competency in creating this farce?