Friday, December 11, 2009

Nitwits Galore

I've suggested to a buddy of mine in Texas that he contact the two women shown in the video, asking for a date. This got me thinking ... if one of these women were to post a Personal Ad, what would it say? Here's my first attempt to help these ladies out:

Looking To Dine Out With Progressive Guy

Are you into causes? Well, I'm one ... I mean, I've been focused on one for some time. In the month leading up to the Copenhagen Conference I went on a hunger strike to help save Mother Earth. It's kind of complicated why I did this but I'm sure with all that I did that I convinced a lot of people to join my cause. While it was kind of difficult seeing all those fellow delegates eating 5-star meals morning, noon, & night, I know in their hearts, if not their stomachs, that my brothers & sisters are with me in spirit!

Anyhow, now that the Conference is over, I need to start eating again. I'm a vegan, of course, and expect you to be one too. Since I've lost so much weight & energy, I need to be pushed around in a wheelchair, so you need to be in shape.

I'm open-minded, even if one capitalist pig ex-boyfriend said I'm not. Let's not talk about him though, let's talk about me. I'm open minded as long as you think like I do. So as long as you agree with all of my progressive ideas then I'm sure we'll get along fine.

Normally I'd insist upon splitting all restaurant meals 50/50 but I haven't been working for some time and my daddy cut off my trust fund when he found out what I was doing, so for the first 6 months at least I'll need you to pick up all the bills.

Anyhow, I'm a cute gal and am sure you'll adore me like all my progressive friends do.

Peace and Love and Kumbaya!

Update: This comment is worth repeating:

Late last year, on an SDA thread about Elizabeth May, commenter batb observed - aptly - that Elizabeth May is the manifest corporeal fallout from a generation of people who have been told from a very early age that they're very, very special people:
"I think it's the 'only child' syndrome.' You know the kind of kid? No matter what s/he does, Mom and Dad ooh and ahh and say "oh, how cute, how smart, how simply sensational' - and all s/he did was walk toward the camera with a tooffy grin and say 'Boo!'"
You can see the product of that sort of inverted child-abuse in people like Anna Keenan and Sara Svenson: "Hello everyone. My name is Sara Svenson and I am from Sweden. Today is my 33rd day of climate justice fast. For over a month I have been eating nothing and drinking only water. It has certainly not been easy. I get colder than usual, my physical strength is weaker, and every day requires a lot of self-discipline to keep going. On the other hand, the fast is also empowering..."
How fantastically special. I, me, mine, I, me, I am, my day requires, I exist to save the world and all its delightful creatures, etc. The sad thing is that even though the sincerity is undeniable they are corporeally manifesting an awful misdirection of the best of human nature to the point where it's a threat to everyone who's *not them.* It's the Global Army of Too-Too Specialness who've been goaded on by a dumb, lying, propagandistic media.
The global rewrite these people propose is really and truly about *them* and not, as they suggest, the *planet.* Ughh. The level of conceit is staggering. These women don't have the first hint of an understanding of the extent to which their tickety-boo *specialness* stops and starts with themselves; they're the product of something like child-abuse, in some inverted, western, privileged sense. Their privileged upbringing has lead these self-obsessed busybodies to thrill themselves - sincerely and ingenuously - with their own *specialness* in the - demanded - name of the planet earth.
Anna Keenan too - "together with six others around the world, myself and..." - perfectly exemplifies that sad misdirection. You can tell she's sincere, and that she has, without any doubt, the best intentions. But this loudly-announced quietness and humility is, in the additive sense, *megalomania*; it's an un-reality-checked intention - and sense of privilege - to rewrite the world in the name of their own specialness.
H. Murphy.
What a vast, awful misdirection of human nature. It's sadly the case that these exemplars of global busybodiness must become human sacrifices, so that future generations of such sensitive women might instead be concerned with actual, verifiable, living concerns, like, oh, say, the brutal abuse of women at the hands of the Taliban. Afghan women aren't consumed with fasting in the name of "climate justice," and no one who's head is screwed half-on would suggest that they're being negligent in that regard.
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Anonymous said...

I noted, with no surprise, that the room was 1/2 empty. And they could only find 6 marks, er, volunteer martyrs...
I wonder if Fat Al missed a meal in support?


Krig the Viking said...

I believe the technical term for the condition you describe is "spoiled rotten". ;)