Sunday, December 20, 2009

Canadian Population vs. Number of MPs

A discussion on Roy Green's radio program about possible Western Separation got me wondering about the political representation in Ottawa from each province. So I did a little research and compiled the numbers:

You can download the Excel spreadsheet I created here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks...I think.
I've always resented Ontario's massive presence in parliament (we won't even bring up Quebec here) but I'm sort of shocked at how thin the representation is, relative to their population. Personally I don't see a rational resolution (PEI?! What's with THAT...)


Pelalusa said...

Actually Dan, when I ran the numbers I saw that Ontario isn't the real culprit here. But Alberta is getting screwed the worst by far, especially when you consider how much money they've consistently given to every other province.

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Superb analysis. This post should be required reading for any Canadians in the West who railed against the Tories for wanting greater representation in B.C. Our representation by population is so utterly out-of-whack, well beyond any other province. And New Brunswick has almost as many MPs per every 75.000 as Manitoba or Saskatchewan!


Great perspective Robert!