Monday, December 28, 2009

Interesting Predictions for 2010

The following comes from a regular commenter on SDA who goes by the moniker of "ET".  She's a female professor in Toronto and is both eloquent and brilliant.

Some predictions for the New Year:

Obama is a malignant narcissist, a psychological state that, by now, is beyond amelioration. He was a sales strategy to gain governmental power of a Set of Radical Socialists of the Democratic Party. This Set, which I call the BackRoom Gang (BRG) has an agenda of radical statism for the US and globalization or the loss of national sovereignty for the world.
They are idealogues, living in a world of ideas and, entrapped in this virtual world, are indifferent to the deep harm they cause by their agenda. The destruction of the ability to progress in any area both intellectual and material, the destruction of wealth, the destruction of the middle class - they are indifferent because words, or the virtual realm, are their only reality.
What I think will happen in the US is an increasing separation of powers with Obama now being acknowledged as the visible public performer making staged appearances to screened audiences while all decisions will be made by the radical statist socialists, an unelected shadow Executive Office.
I’ll predict MORE terrorist attacks. These are due to Obama’s behavior of this past year. That is, both Obama and Al Qaeda can be analyzed within a psychological frame that shows they are remarkably similar.
Obama as a narcissist requires constant and increasing adulation. For Obama, if you are dissident and non-adoring, you are ‘unAmerican’ and effectively irrelevant. Al Qaeda requires exactly the same from its members; you are either under their control or expendable.
Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the existence of Al Qaeda as such a power, by his reduction of their unique identity to the ambiguous ‘man-caused disasters’, and his reduction of the war on terror to the equally irrelevant ‘overseas contingency operations’ has incited, yes, INCITED Al Qaeda to active aggression vs the USA. There will be MORE Al Qaeda attacks vs the USA…Bush pushed Al Qaeda back into the Islamic nations but Obama has incited them to again confront the US.
Their psychological need for power…up against Obama’s psychological need to ignore anyone who has a different adulation focus than Obama…is the cause of the Al Qaeda ‘we’ll show you’ new active agenda vs the US.
I also predict that the increasing split of the Executive into Show (carried out by Obama) and Decision-Making (carried out by the BackRoom Gang) will reach a critical point where Congress will feel threatened about losing control of decisions for the BRG will run things by backroom deals and threats and ignore Congress.
I don’t think Obama’s kowtowing to enemies and insults to allies will stop but both the BRG and the international world will see him more and more as irrelevant and the focus will be on the powers of the BRG…whose interest is in globalization. I doubt if the BRG is interested in regime change in Iran; in fact they might welcome Iran starting a war in the ME. It will be a diversion during the 2010 election year.
Will the BRG allow Obama to spend as much time travelling as he’s done – all of it so far both useless and harmful? How will they keep his narcissism fed? Will he, as is happening now, play more golf and have even His Voice coming from the BRG in the White House?
The BRG and Democrats will do something to try to stop the massive loss of electoral support before the 2010 elections; I’m not sure what – the current victim tactics of racialism, blame Bush, to-be-wealthy-is-a-sign-of-greed, are wearing thin. So I’m not sure what new tactic will be used. But, it will be some form of psychological attack against the average American, to incite guilt for not supporting Obama.
I don’t see these idealogues moving into any responsible mode of govenance. They'll search for more areas to tax as more people move their business and monies out of the US. I'll predict a surge in interest in Canada!
The questions are: how will these ideologues retain power in Congress? If they lose Congress how will they retain power? By denying Congress any they have been doing this year..using bribes, rejecting debate, rejecting reading of the bills etc? Obama's Public Appeal is lessening, so, how will they deal with his narcissism?
And how will they deal with more terrorist attacks against the US? Blame Americans yet again?
Deny them as terrorist and reduce them to 'aberrant behaviour of lone radicalized individuals' they are now doing?

Posted by: ET at December 28, 2009 11:08 AM

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I posted this from my iPhone. It was written by SDA regular 'ET', a female professor in Toronto.