Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Psychopathic Brain Trust of the Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberal Party of Canada is having a "Photo Challenge" contest. Here are some of the images that have been allowed to be displayed on the OFFICIAL Liberal Party website:

Note: The first one, of the assassination of Canada's Prime Minister, was pulled down but only after complaints were raised about it. All of the others still remain.

The Liberal Party of Canada has every right to display any image it wishes, for that's what free speech is all about.  But to illustrate the mindset at work we need to look back about 75 years.  In the years leading up to Nazi Germany's mass murder of millions of Jewish people throughout Europe, their propaganda ministry paved the way by dehumanizing Jews through countless articles and cartoons. This continued throughout World War 2. Here are a few examples:

The Mobilization of the People: The cartoon shows a photograph of a Jew captioned "Satan". Streicher regularly used the old religious argument that the Jews were in league with the Devil. This issue appeared as the last German troops in Stalingrad surrendered.

The Decent Jew: The cartoon shows a Jew politely asking for room on the bench, after which he shoves the previous inhabitant off. The poem notes that Jews behave the same way in other situations.

The Polyp: A Jew has his tentacles around England, Russia, the United States, and China.

Behind the Curtains: A Jewish puppeteer is looking nervously at his remaining puppets: Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. On the floor are broken former puppets, including Neville Chamberlain.

More examples can be found here and here and here. The psychology behind this campaign is simple to understand: If you want to do harm to someone or want others to do harm to them it becomes easier if you can first get people thinking that the intended target(s) are less than human and/or less deserving of respect.

In the language of tribes, it's always easier to disrespect "them" than it is to disrespect "us".

For those not familiar with what happened to an estimated 6 Million Jews in World War 2, please click here and here. It was an absolutely appalling chapter in human history. Perhaps I take it more personally because half of my ancestry comes from Germany.  In 2008 I had occasion to immediately and vociferously chastise an acquaintance of mine, to his face, for even suggesting that what occurred back then was overblown by "Jewish Propaganda Groups". When I then asked him about 9/11 victims, he admitted that he wondered about the rumor that no Jews were killed that day. I sent him this link and this, suggesting with the latter that for starters he look for last names beginning with "Gold" and "Rose".

In summary, I am not suggesting that there is a direct equivalence between Liberal Party members and German Nazis. But I am indeed shouting from the rooftops that the former should rethink it's Harper Hate-Fest, lest they directly or indirectly "assist" some unbalanced minds marching down a very dangerous path.

On a more basic level, is this really what the Liberal Party of Canada has stooped to?  If Liberal Party members get their pre-Christmas jollies from cartoons that simulate the murder of Canada's PM, turn him into an ape & a fish & a woman, then may I respectfully suggest that they turn to a close friend and ask for a much needed hug.  If that's not sufficient to lessen their hatred for Stephen Harper then perhaps they need to get some professional counseling.  Seriously.

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