Thursday, October 15, 2009

Directions from Women vs. Directions from Men

My mom insisted we go to an amazing bakery called "Union Bakery", which she was referred to by her friend, Stephanie. I googled the name but there was no such establishment in Vancouver.

So she obtained directions from Stephanie, which are shown at the top. I shook my head when I saw these and exclaimed, "This could only come from a woman!"

We eventually did find the place. It's not a bakery but a little corner store run by a Portuguese family and is called "Union Market". For contrast purposes, I rewrote the directions!

Incidentally, the bread there is delicious!!


Anonymous said...

Yes -- and the woman's directions are much more interesting. She tells a story and gets you excited about going. The male directions are just "Go here" That's it. No fun!

Anonymous said...

Oops -- And it looks like you have the wrong address. I believe it is 810 Union. So -- luckily for those other directions with much more detail one could still find it.

Pelalusa said...

You're right! The original directions were real. I just faked up the "male" directions to provide the contrast. Clearly hadn't drank enough coffee.