Monday, October 26, 2009

The Orchestrated Ignorance of the General Public

This morning I heard a fascinating discussion on a local Vancouver radio station. The segment usually covers national Canadian politics but today, for some reason, most of it had to with Obama and the very unbalanced coverage of the same by the MSM.

Since I get my news from the Internet and talk radio, I had NO IDEA that much of the public in the U.S. and 99% of the public in Canada were not aware of any of these stories:

I naturally assumed that everyone knew about these things about apparently if you don't watch Fox or don't listen to conservative talk radio or don't read certain political/news websites then you would be completely ignorant of these facts. Why? Because the MSM has deliberately neglected to report on any stories that might hurt their Messiah, Barack Obama.

If you'd like to listen to the segment, just go here and move the slider to 6:00.

You'll hear the host, a left of center populist named Bill Good, a slightly right of center political veteran named Norman Spector, and a true comrade of all things socialist named Bill Tieleman.

Bonus: You'll also hear a story about our past prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, taking Lois Lane actress, Margot Kidder, to a dinner with Ronald Reagan, where Ms. Kidder lectured Reagan on the virtues of getting rid of all nuclear weapons ... and getting a complimentary squeeze on her thigh from Trudeau for each point she made!


Susann said...

Anyone who has suggested to host Bill Good that he has a liberal (leftish) bias or any bias at all is always harrumphed off of his open line program. But I believe you are very correct. Even in this little audio clip Norman Spector is explaining the stunning event of the NYT Ombudsman apologizing for not reporting on some of the now legitimate exposes of the Obama Administration. The Acorn and Van Jones fiascos which as Spector suggests, most Americans (except Fox News viewers)never knew about; and of course no Canadians learned it either because there were zero news stories about these "negative" events. This should be delicious stuff for a radio talk host but alas Bill Good had no questions and right in the middle of this fascinating NYT/Obama story, Bill Good cuts it off and forces a seque directly into the new biography about Canada´s most revered lefty Prime Minister. Obviously something that is deemed more important to Canadians. Not for this Canadian.

Pelalusa said...

Susann, I started writing to you here but then realized I had more than a little to say. So I created a new post specifically to respond to your superb comment. You can read it here.