Sunday, October 18, 2009

Excessive Benefits are Destroying the UK

A new study out of the UK confirms what anyone with a modicum of common sense has known all along: Excessive benefits destroy work ethics. What were once "privileges" have long since become "rights" in the minds of many.

It seems so obvious that if the benefits for doing nothing become too great then more & more people will, in fact, be incentivized to do nothing.

Envision two teenagers, both from middle class families. In the first, his parents tell him that he will need to work hard in school in order to get into university and work hard there in order to get a good job. In the second case, the family is "lucky" to win $50 Million in the lottery. The teenager in this family, knowing he will be provided for, loses all ambition to strive harder at school and in life generally. This scenario isn't idle speculation, but is a perfect example of what frequently happens when children are given too much by their parents. And we all know that childhood behaviours are often repeated in adulthood.

And now Barack Obama and the Democrats are taking America down the same slippery slope ... and anyone who objects to this is deemed to be a hater and a racist. It's beyond sad.

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